White Label Payment Gateway Services

PayVisor’s UniPay is a white label payment gateway allowing to pass on this impressive technology to your merchant clients without our name attached. Our open source payment gateway can become your clients’ complete solution to credit card processing and other transaction-related tasks.

We’re confident that the UniPay Payment Processing Solution provides unmatched processing and remittance functionality when you require a white label payment gateway for use in your merchant-facing endeavors. By customizing the look and feel of UniPay with its easy to use API, companies like yours are able to offer a best-in-class gateway solution that provides your merchant clients the comfort and security of working with a tool branded with your name -- the name they have already grown to trust.

Offer Advanced Functionality To Your Clients

Payment processing solutions exist because credit card processors use outdated mainframe technology and are inefficient in their integration processes. The robust UniPay white label payment gateway has an easy integration interface and can process through many different acquirers. Traditional gateway offerings allow merchants to process through them while paying a per-transaction fee, but white labeling is not always available -- and custom development is almost never an option.

With UniPay, you and your clients get an open source gateway that you can license and adapt to your needs.

In addition, PayVisors has a hosted offering through partners who already license the technology that delivers the gateway in a PCI compliant environment for merchant to use and consume through APIs. The offering is available as a monthly subscription with a transactional cap. In addition to straight gateway services, we also offer custom software develop and assistance with operations like chargebacks, collections and more.

Full-Featured White Label Card Processing

UniPay offers sophisticated funds remittance capabilities that allow users to easily handle reseller and agent commissions, residual payments and other fee-split scenarios. UniPay also offers full support for credit card and ACH processing through multiple platforms and banks for both real-time and batch needs.

The UniPay open source payment gateway also delivers:

- Direct-to-processor integration that offer control and cost savings for gateway users
- Credit card and ACH processing from the same code set through intelligent transaction routing to ensure least-cost processing
- Tiered remittance for merchants, sub-merchants, agents, VARs and resellers
- Combined platform for card-present and real-time transactions, ecommerce and recurring payments
- Support for tokenization, PayPage and encrypted swipes
- Merchant management API for ease of onboarding
- Recurring billing with integrated collections, including credit bureau reporting and skip tracing
- Automated decline recycling
- Credit card account updater
- Chargeback management

Never Settle For Less

If it’s time to provide the best available payment gateway solution to your clients, it’s time to explore PayVisor’s Unipay white label payment gateway. With unmatched functionality and unparalleled customization potential, it’s the solution that provides your clients exactly what they need for total success.

Schedule your free demo so you can see for yourself what UniPay open source payment gateway can do for you and your merchant clients.