What is Payment Management?

Payment Management involves everything from the time an agreement is made for a recurring payment to occur, through the remittance and distribution of funds, properly recording and documenting all the steps along the way. This process needs to be consistently measured in order to be properly managed; PayVisors UniPay-based solution provides all the tools to do this more efficiently - and profitably - than any other system available. 

PayVisors is proud to offer a UniPay Payment Management Platform-based solution.

We are strategic partners with United Thinkers, one of the leading technology companies in Recurring Billing Integrations and the developers of UniPay, the ideal Payment Management Solution for Software Developers, Corporations, Merchant Services and Payment Services Providers. 

UniPay‘s flexible and innovative architecture delivers an enterprise-scale Processing Solution and Payment Flow Orchestration Engine, designed to serve not only as a Transaction Processing or Subscription Billing system, but also as a Relationship Management and Merchant Management Platform.

The UniPay Platform provides industry leading solutions to everyone from the small Merchant with a single merchant account, to large Merchants with multiple accounts, to Multi-Merchant Businesses with numerous merchants, resellers and associated merchant accounts.

Years of experience developing Payment Processing solutions, Credit Card Gateways and Collections software packages have been combined with the newest emerging technologies to provide the most seamlessly integrated and robust Payment Management Platform on the market.

The entire UniPay solution is comprised of 4 modules: 

UniCharge:  The foundation of UniPay, providing a flexible, automated Processing and Remittance Engine that supports Credit Card and ACH real-time and batch processing through multiple platforms and banks. UniCharge handles sophisticated funds remittance scenarios, including Reseller and Agent commissions as well as residual payments.          For More Detail on UniCharge Click Here

UniBill:  Provides an advanced Account Receivable Management system with extensive Transaction Processing, Remittance, Recurring Billing and Collections functionality. UniBill supports single and recurring payments, and handles multiple forms of payment as well as multiple payment arrangements. It also provides functionality to help automate the debt recovery process.          For More Detail on UniBill Click Here

UniSell:  An innovative Paperless Contract Sales System that functions as a User Interface Extension for UniBill’s Management and Recurring Billing Modules. UniSell supports card swiping terminals and digital capture devices, and can also function as a Point Of Sale for Service Contract sales.  Includes a Digital Archive for all Processed Documents / Agreements.          For More Detail on Unisell Click Here

UniBroker:  A Traffic Broker designed to filter out sensitive data, such as Account Holder information, from the data streams exchanged between UniPay and any other applications that communicate with the Platform. Deployed as a kind of Proxy Server, UniBroker is engineered to support Real-Time and Batch Data Encryption by replacing sensitive data with Encrypted / Tokenized equivalents as it flows through the system. UniBroker removes all other UniPay modules from the scope of a PCI Audit.          For More Detail on UniBroker Click Here