Merchant Services

Your successful business needs good merchant services. For many of today’s organizations, credit cards are their bread and butter. That’s especially true since many transactions are completed online, and many in-person customers no longer use checks and rarely carry cash. International and ACH transactions may be important to you as well, depending on your business.

When you choose a provider with low costs and no hidden fees, your business can save hundreds or thousands of dollars every year. That means you must make your decision about which processing company best meets your needs based on factors like trustworthiness and reliability, as well as its ability to offer maximum savings.

PayVisors is pleased to connect organizations that need merchant accounts with the right partner -- one that completely understands the needs of your specific industry or niche and can serve you with complete confidence. Our acquirer relationships include institutions providing standard, aggregation and high-risk processing, and we will help you find the best possible deals on underwriting and other aspects associated with setting up merchant accounts.

While PayVisors is not a merchant services provider, our years of experience, our vast industry network and our Processor Agnostic technology allow us to be your trusted advisor regarding best practices in processing. With us by your side, you’re sure to choose a partner that is a good fit for your specific business needs.

Solutions To Meet Your Unique Needs

If your company needs more than just a standard merchant account, our partners can help you with that too. Tell us about your specific needs, and we’ll put you in touch with a company that offers the solutions you need.

Do you need international processing? We can link you with a provider that can process transactions in foreign currencies with the lowest possible fees. If your company wants to be able to accept eChecks and bank account transfers, we have partners who also offer ACH processing.

Our partner network includes a wide array of merchant services providers, and we look forward to the opportunity to match you with the best one for your company’s unique and specific needs.

Great Service Starts Now

When working with PayVisors and our merchant account partners, organizations like yours are able to leverage the flexible and innovative UniPay Payment Management Platform, a system that provides easy-to-use interfaces for on-boarding and managing multiple merchants, customizing fee structures and handling all remittance needs. This includes tiered remittance capabilities for revenue sharing.

Put simply, UniPay makes business easier for you, and ensures that working with your new provider goes smoothly - and profitably. 

Are you ready to move forward? If you want a merchant account that better fits your needs and saves you money too, rely on PayVisors. Contact us, and let us connect you with sensible solutions in merchant services.