Collections Services

Any business operating on a recurring billing model will need to implement a collections services program to make certain that accounts in arrears are brought to a current status. Although subscription payments or direct withdrawal can result in making products and services more affordable, the company can also be presented with challenges while managing the stream of recurring revenue. 

Although providing your customers with flexible payment terms can make your company more competitive, the company can lose efficiencies when payments are not received as scheduled. This is where a collections services program can win back those efficiencies while being respectful to your customers and most importantly, keeping your customers.

When contemplating the outsourcing of collections services, most managers instantly fear the lack of control, losing customers through intimidation or even being liable for a Fair Debt Collection infraction. What the business manager needs to realize is that a simple and consistent follow up on a declined transaction also constitutes a type of collection service. Implementing a proven program correctly is a key component in a successful recurring billing based revenue strategy. 

A Different Kind of Collections Services

Although we are not a collection agency, our software is used by a large number of collection agencies that perform this valuable service. These experienced and competent companies effectively use available resources to conduct their collection services in a transparent, dignified, and non-threatening manner. We would be happy to introduce you to a reputable and successful agency that can assist you with collection activities or help you with the implementation of an efficient and effective collections process in house using the UniPay Gateway as the foundation. All of our partner collections agencies have extensive experience in first party and third party collections services and they can assist you with donation pledge follow ups as well as past due mortgage or loan payments. 

The UniPay Payment Management Platform

The Unipay Payment Management Platform is the solution for enabling companies large or small to schedule, track and process recurring billing transactions in an efficient and cost effective manner while maximizing internal collections efforts through seamlessly integrated collections functionality. The Advanced Accounts Receivable features will deliver immediate notifications of declines and cancellations and provide for automated rebilling as needed, improving the percentage of collected accounts and maintaining your customer base. The Unipay Payment Management Platform also includes many additional sophisticated features like Agent Management, Account Distribution, CRM linked auto dialer, printed letter and email notifications, and many other features that will allow the company to regain efficiencies with past due accounts.