Acquisition positions Zift as a unique Payments Technology Company specializing in Integrated Payment Solutions for Software Applications, Platforms, Marketplaces and Payment Facilitators.

Online affiliates, multiple suppliers and convenience fees are among the reasons that split funding models for payment transactions are necessary. In the past, payment processors usually just deducted their processing fee and put the remaining funds into a single merchant account. Now, merchants often need funds divided among several accounts, and split funding makes that possible.

Are your needs related to credit card processing expanding? If you've been working with card-not-present or recurring payments and now need to expand into retail credit card processing, you'll face issues and challenges but you can overcome them with the right EMV-compliant payment management platform.

Credit card fraud is a major concern for merchants and credit card companies, costing the industry more than $5 billion a year. In an effort to prevent fraud, most banks are now reissuing all credit and debit cards with EMV technology – small chips inside that are designed to make cards harder to duplicate and therefore minimize fraud. There’s a lot of debate about whether EMV cards help or not, but the new standard is here to stay.

Is it possible for a business to accept credit card payments but remain out of PCI scope? Companies that handle consumer credit card data are required to undergo a regular PCI audit, a costly and complex hassle that helps ensure data security. But is it possible to move to a payment system that takes your company completely out of the PCI compliance scope?

No matter your business, the right payment platform is essential. But operating globally complicates payment processing. An international payment platform must be flexible and robust to handle everything that global payment processing throws its way.

If your software company is using a third-party gateway to service your customers, you may be able to save money while decreasing hassles when you move up to a hosted white label payment gateway. And you don’t have to worry about PCI compliance or high upfront costs when you make the choice to go with a modern hosted solution.

Is your company among the many established businesses that still use mainframe legacy systems for payment processing? Are you looking to switch to a better and more modern solution but don’t like the idea of abandoning a system that’s still working? Maybe you’re worried about data migration and other issues too.

It’s crucial to stay competitive in today’s evolving and omnichannel payment processing world. You may want to move your company forward using the latest payment gateway technology without having to worry about hosting and PCI compliance. With the new white label payment gateway option from PayVisors, it’ s possible to own your own gateway with fewer hassles.


The World’s Leading On Premise White Label Payment Gateway Technology for Card Present EMV, Card Not Present and ACH, now available as a Hosted Service, including Brandable API

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