Ease Some Pain Points With A Better Payment Solution For Today’s World

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on Wednesday, 17 February 2016 14:45

Every industry has its problems, and the payment industry has several specific issues that must be addressed quickly. Among them is the struggle many people are having with the move to EMV chip-in-card technology. From customers to merchants, payment service providers and everyone else involved, the changeover has been a real struggle.

It’s also clear that some POS vendors aren’t able to find ideal terminal solutions to meet EMV and other recent demands.

There are many reasons why these things are true. Acquirers handle certification poorly in many cases, making it difficult for new options to come to market. Plus, the big-name device vendors that supply many merchants have legacy solutions that simply don’t work very well with modern web-based POS systems.

But solutions are here.

A Robust Hosted Solution And A Modern Terminal Application

Two things that could make a real difference in how payment processing works for everyone involved are a modern and robust hosted payment processing solution and a functional terminal application that actually meets the needs of today’s world.

Until recently, these things were hard to find.

But in recent months, United Thinkers has started offering a hosted version of its increasingly popular UniPay payment processing software. Designed specifically for companies that can’t afford a software license to set up their own gateway or that don’t want to be in the processing business, the solution is already turning heads.

At the same time, United Thinkers has brought to market a working terminal application. Those who have struggled to put EMV technology in place after the EMV liability shift could benefit from the assistance of the PayVisors business consulting company and the UniPay gateway from United Thinkers.

UniPay offers a terminal cloud solution that’s currently unique in the industry and allows for handling of all ecommerce, card-not-present and terminal-based card-present transactions in one place without direct-to-terminal integration.

While there are concerns that EMV may not be as effective against fraud as some would like, that’s not an issue that can be resolved at the merchant level. Instead, merchants and those who provide them solutions must find the right ways to work within current regulations while hoping that lawmakers and regulators will eventually take action to make positive changes in the industry.

The Future Is Bright For Your Business

At PayVisors, we hear a lot of negative things about the future of the payment industry and business in general. But we’re not believers in negativity.

Recent changes in the payment industry, including the EMV liability shift, have added some challenges to the already-challenging field of payment processing, but robust and modern new solutions are now available that can solve many issues. It simply takes foresight and ingenuity on the part of merchants and those who serve them to take up these new solutions and run with them.

We’re happy to help you along the way toward the payment solutions you need. It’s what we do every day.

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