Software Developers

Merchant Services For Software Developers

PayVisors custom merchant services for software developers is a smart solution if your company creates software that needs a payment component or could be enhanced by having one. With us on your side, your software package can become more powerful than ever before -- with less work on your part than you might imagine. We’re pleased to help software development companies with:

  • Payment management solutions
  • Sales process optimization
  • Merchant services integration
  • Collections
  • and much more.

To find out exactly how our merchant services for software developers can help you take your products to the next level, contact us. We’re certain that we can create a mutually beneficial relationship that will benefit your software customers too.

Why Adding Merchant Services Makes Sense

When you use our payment gateway solution to add credit card and ACH processing to your software package, you’re adding the opportunity to generate additional revenue for your company from your software product.

With merchant services as part of your software product, you’ll be providing your client services they need anyway. And since they already trust you or will learn to trust you as they get to know your product, they’ll feel confident using your merchant services component.

If your company generates software for health clubs, tanning salons, restaurants or other businesses that need point-of-sale payment solutions, you need a robust, dynamic payment gateway solution as part of your software. You need PayVisors.

Why Choose PayVisors

With more than 30 years experience providing payment technology solutions, we’re confident that no other company knows more about doing it right that we do.

In addition, choose us because:

  • Our flexible APIs make integration in a variety of circumstances and with a variety of credit card processors as easy as possible.
  • We offer support for real-time and batch processing as well as recurring billing, something few of our competitors can offer you.
  • Our payment processing solution includes support for residual revenue and processing kickbacks.
  • You can brand our customer self-service portal any way you like, so the services we provide to your clients will always appear to come from you.

But we’ve saved the two most important reasons to work with us until last. We offer support for a wide range of payment processors, payment gateways and processing banks, so your software clients get the most complete payment solution available. And PayVisors provides you a level of assistance and support that no other company can match. When you turn to us for merchant services for software developers, you’re turning to a team that wants you to succeed and will do everything we can to make that happen.

Let’s Work Together For Your Clients

If it’s time to include the best payment processing component in your software, it’s time for PayVisors. No company provides more complete merchant services for software developers, and no company is more willing to do what it takes to earn your business and your trust.

Working together with PayVisors, your clients can get better and more complete service than ever before. Why not contact us now so we can start making that happen right away?

With over 30 years of Technology experience, no one knows more about what it takes to forecast and produce profitable, collectible revenue.