About Us

PayVisors is an Enterprise Technology and Sales Consulting Company with expertise in Technology Sales, Payment Management, Recurring Billing and Merchant Services Integrations.

We Specialize in Sales Process Optimization and Payment Management Solutions for Software Developers, Corporations, Merchant Services and Payment Service Providers: 

  • Recurring Billing for Dues, Fees, Installments, Loan, Leases, Mortgages, Products or Services
  • Real Time Processing via Card Swipe, Virtual Terminal, eCommerce, and PIN Debit
  • Collections Management for First and Third Party Collections, including Skip Tracing and Credit Bureau Reporting 

Technology, Experience, and Knowledge are what set PayVisors apart from other companies. 

The Technology has been developed in the real world and solves actual problems that users have experienced over the past 10 years.  It is developer friendly and can be easily integrated or customized to fit just about any environment with a fully documented API and code sample library.

The Experience of our founders starts in Technology over 30 years ago, and involves managing payments for products and services for most of that time.  Having been responsible for the management of over a Billion Dollars of payments, we are uniquely equipped to assist your organization grow revenue, improve productivity, and increase profitability.

Our Knowledgeable team has worked with all of the major processors for real time, card swipe, PIN debit, batch, and ecommerce, as well as our specialty - "card not present" recurring billing, payment and account management.

This makes PayVisors the best choice regardless of your organization's current or future payment challenges.

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