The 5 Benefits Of A Commercial Open Source Payment Gateway

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on Thursday, 15 January 2015 14:29

To get moving quickly or transition from your old payment system with the greatest ease, a commercial open source payment gateway is a sensible choice. Commercial open source software can provide the solution you need quickly, at a low startup cost and with full support. Plus, you get the most freedom and flexibility possible without starting from scratch.

Having something built especially for your company may be a good approach if you have unlimited time and a huge budget. And choosing proprietary software is fine if you don’t need to make any changes or have a look under the hood. But for those who are in a hurry, on a budget, want to tweak or need to know how their systems works, a commercial open source payment gateway package is an intelligent approach.

Commercial Open Source Benefits

Not long ago, open source meant free but unsupported. The evolution of commercial open source software has brought with it a stable of benefits that make it superior to going it alone, far better to the old open source model and miles ahead of commercial proprietary software.

The five primary benefits are:

1. Support. Your commercial open source software comes with support from a team of professionals who want you to succeed and who have helped others use the software in a variety of situations. Service levels mean you get the level of support you want.

2. Liability. Your commercial open source solution isn’t a “buyer beware” product. Instead, you get legal indemnification and liability from the provider. A contract lays out the specifics, and your licensing fee gives protections you can’t get any other way.

3. Warranties. The software will work, and exactly how it will work is guaranteed in your contract. When you design your own software in-house, you can’t be sure that your team will ever be able to create a usable product, and there’s no way to get back your time or investment if they don’t.

4. Updates. With commercial open source, you benefit from changes made by and for companies that have adopted the software in the past. Plus, the support team provides regular updates and patches to fix any unexpected issues and add additional functionality.

5. Cost. Licensing the software costs much less than creating your own, although it may about the same as a closed source proprietary solution. But with the flexibility to hire anyone you want to study and alter the software you can often save you thousands over what proprietary software companies charge to make changes, if available at all.

Choose Complete Flexibility

The biggest benefit of a commercial open source payment gateway is flexibility. You can achieve connectivity and interoperability with ease, and you can adapt the software to your unique way of doing business.

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