Is An Embedded Or Non-Embedded Terminal Solution Best For Your Business?

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on 21 April, 2015

If you’re having trouble understanding the differences between a non-embedded or local footprint terminal solution and a modern embedded terminal solution, it may help to learn a bit more about each type and its advantages and disadvantages.

The Local Footprint Solution

A local footprint or non-embedded terminal solution is also called a DLL-based solution and involves the terminal being a slave to a master program that controls it. This controller is usually a Dynamic Link Library or DLL mini-program and is installed at a workstation. This old approach evolved when terminal didn’t have their own Ethernet connections and were controlled via serial port.
Advantages to this terminal solution include:

Why Merchant Account Applications Are Sometimes Denied -- And What You Can Do

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on 09 April, 2015

As a new business owner, it’s often the little things that are the most frustrating. For startup merchants, it can be hard to get a merchant account, and you may be forced to accept higher processing fees when you start out. That’s a fact.

There are, however, specific reasons many merchants are rejected. Here are some specific issues inherent to the payment processing industry that explain why getting that vital merchant account can sometimes be so difficult.