10 Questions On How To Select An Online Payment Service Provider

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on 20 October, 2015

 If you want to accept payments on your website, you’ll want to choose the online payment service provider that can offer you the best deal. To help you narrow your options, consider these questions as you select the best online PSP for your business:

1. Is the PSP compatible with your existing site? If not, you may have to completely redesign the site using different software. If so, integration could be as easy as a few clicks.

5 Questions To Ask Yourself When Choosing PCI-Complaint Service Providers

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on 21 September, 2015

Your company can dramatically reduce your PCI obligations and decrease your risk of a data breach when you outsource hosting and many other aspects of payment processing to PCI-compliant service providers.

But what questions should you consider regarding service providers to make sure that the ones you choose are right for your company -- and that they’re doing all they can to protect the data entrusted to them?

Here are five points to consider: