3 Ways A Hosted White Label Payment Gateway Can Save You Money

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on Wednesday, 30 March 2016 08:28


If your software company is using a third-party gateway to service your customers, you may be able to save money while decreasing hassles when you move up to a hosted white label payment gateway. And you don’t have to worry about PCI compliance or high upfront costs when you make the choice to go with a modern hosted solution.

A white label solution is an especially good alternative to a self-hosted payment gateway if the solution you’re using now is failing, perhaps because of its inability to keep up with EMV chip-in-card technology requirements or today’s need for omnichannel payment processing.

Save Money With A New Hosted Solution

When you move up to the new hosted solution available from PayVisors, you benefit in many ways - not the least of which is significant cost savings. Here are three specific ways you benefit from a hosted white label payment gateway:

1. You save money on fees. When you choose the PayVisors hosted solution, you pay only the hosting subscription fee. This eliminates or lowers the per-item fees associated with traditional gateways, saving you money every time a client runs a transaction. That can add up quickly.

2. You make money on fees. Any monthly subscription fees that your merchants pay to you are yours to keep because the gateway is yours. Most payment processing gateway solutions charge a subscription fee to each merchant in addition to gateway fees. But with a hosted solution, you’re the gateway owner and any monthly fees you collect are yours, boosting your bottom line.

3. Merchant onboarding and support costs drops. With this modern hosted solution, robust onboarding features are built in, saving you staff hours. And since the gateway is yours and you have control over it, you can set up an efficient support process around it, reducing resources wasted on supporting a failing or flawed solution. Better support also leads to increased customer satisfaction, a nice byproduct.

Not Just Any Payment Gateway Solution

It’s important to understand that the hosted white label payment gateway solution available from our business consulting company isn’t just another thrown-together payment processing option. PayVisors hosted solution uses the stout UniPay gateway, quickly becoming an industry leader because of its support for modern payment processing needs, its long list of included features and its good reviews from clients around the world.

Isn’t it time to move up to a new way of providing payment processing to your clients? Software companies are in a unique position to pass along valuable add-on solutions to your customers. When you make the right choices, you provide your clients better service, better value and greater satisfaction than you ever thought possible. And you pocket greater profits too.

Why not contact us at PayVisors now? We’ll tell you more about saving money, decreasing hassles and supporting a stronger bottom line with our smart hosted payment gateway solution.

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