Fresh Hosted White Label Payment Gateway Option Makes Having Your Own Gateway Easier Than Ever

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on Monday, 21 March 2016 09:11

It’s crucial to stay competitive in today’s evolving and omnichannel payment processing world. You may want to move your company forward using the latest payment gateway technology without having to worry about hosting and PCI compliance. With the new white label payment gateway option from PayVisors, it’ s possible to own your own gateway with fewer hassles.

Based on the innovative UniPay gateway from United Thinkers, this new hosted solution is designed for companies that don’ t want to deal with secure hosting and compliance auditing, two big deterrents to having your own gateway. With this new option, it s possible to get the benefits of modern payment processing technology while focusing your internal efforts on what you do best.

Why Your Company Needs UniPay

UniPay is a robust and sophisticated payment platform designed in the modern era and with modern payment challenges in mind. When you own a payment gateway based on the UniPay open source commercial software, support for EMV card-present and card-not-present payments is built in from the beginning with no retrofitting or shoehorning necessary. So is support for recurring billing, automated chargeback management, ewallets, merchant onboarding, terminal management and more.

UniPay’ s fully integrated modules handle every aspect of payment processing with greater ease than ever before before and better than any other products in today’s marketplace.

How The PayVisors Hosted Gateway Can Help

As an alternative to a self-hosted payment gateway, the hosted white label payment gateway now available from PayVisors simplifies owning your own gateway. Before, companies that wanted their own modern gateway had to buy a license from UniPay, set up or arrange for a PCI-compliant environment and then implement the software in it.

Now, several steps and many hassles are removed. PayVisors provides a fully tested PCI-certified environment where dedicated servers can be deployed for customers that want to own their own licensed gateway without having to deal with hardware and regulatory compliance issues.

But doesn’t a company in the game for the long-term need its own servers and equipment? With PayVisors, the servers operate in a proven and tested environment for the exclusive use of the customer. This means dramatically reduced entry costs and being able to go live quicker.

With the PayVisors white label payment gateway, the licensing cost is included in monthly hosting fees, plus there’s no hardware or tokenization appliance to buy. And there’s no costly or complicated PCI-compliance audit to go through.

This hosted solution from PayVisors is available to enterprise-level merchants, payment facilitators, domestic and international payment service providers and software developers.

With so many obstacles to owning your own gateway removed by this new hosted white label gateway choice, you may find that doors will to you that previously seemed bolted shut.

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