Omni-Channel Payment Platform Brings Together Sales, Data And More

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on Monday, 08 February 2016 23:41

An omni-channel payment platform brings together in-person POS transactions, online sales, call center transactions and all other payments into a single stream, and there are good reasons for wanting everything in one place. Omni-channel payment processing platforms make a real difference for both you and your customers.

Omni-channel systems are about more than just reaching your customers or clients through multiple sales channels. Omni-channel processing also means you get a single consistent payment information data stream that allows you to track your sales and follow your customers no matter how or where they chose to pay for their transactions.

Interestingly, your customers may be ahead of you. They already have expectations about how businesses operate today. They often believe that all systems already talk to each other and may stare at your retail clerks in disbelief if they say they can’t see the record of the customer’s online transactions or call center-assisted purchases. But for many businesses, there’s a gap between what customers expect and what their multiple old and failing payment processing systems can do.

Omni-Channel Processing To The Rescue

With omni-channel payment processing, you can meet your customers’ expectations while getting better quality sales and customer data than ever before. Specifically, moving to an omni-channel payment processing platform can give you these four benefits:

The ability to accept payments at the terminal, from tablets and cell phone, online and through your call center on a single system. Then all transactions are processed through the same payment gateway for a consistent experience.

Simple reconciliation across all channels since all payment and customer information is already in one place. Only omni-channel payment processing platforms bring all transactions into one system from the beginning, benefiting you at every level of your organization.

The best possible customer experience because your sales team will recognize your customers and their habits, even if they ordered only online or over the phone in the past. Omni-channel payments mean better customer tracking.

A reduction in the number of vendors your company uses. When you go omnichannel, you’re choosing to put your payment processing in the hands of one modern and dependable company instead of several old-fashioned ones. That means all support is handled by the same team of experts.

Having one payment system that handles all transactions moves you into the future, improves your data and enhances the customer experience. So what’s not to like?

Not All Payment Processors Can Move With You

Not all payment processors can move with you into the future because not all can offer an omnichannel experience. At PayVisors, we work as a business consulting company and help businesses like yours make smart and sensible decisions about payment processing.

In many cases, the right choice is the robust and feature-rich UniPay payment gateway from United Thinkers. This open source commercial software is an omni-channel payment platform that’s proving itself again and again for companies of all types.

Contact us to learn more about this and other solutions that can help move your business into a unified future. At PayVisors, we exist to help you.

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