Solving Customer Frustration With EMV Terminals Starts At Software Level

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on Wednesday, 02 December 2015 16:32

Solving customer frustration with EMV terminals can and perhaps should start at the software company level. When the providers of terminal solutions for EMV-enabled device choices make smart decisions, provide good service and refuse to play the blame game, that optimistic and forward-looking outlook can trickle down through the merchant and to the customer.

There’s no doubt that the EMV liability shift has caused frustration at every level of the payment processing business, and it’s a real shame that this issue caused by governmental action hasn’t been handled better at every level so that customers could have been left out of the frustration. Now, EMV solutions that really work are necessary, and better EMV compliant terminals are a big part of that.

EMV technology, whether you like it or not, appears to be here to stay. You can debate the merits of chip-in-card technology and chip-and-PIN requirements if you like, but the most practical approach is to offer your clients EMV technology that accepts EMV chip cards as easily as possible.

Set An Example Of Optimism

Customers want a shopping experience that’s quick and hassle-free. But the change to EMV chip cards and new payment terminals has slowed shopping for many people, causing frustration at the cashier stand that works its way up through management and retail companies to the software companies that provide terminal solutions.

At the software provider level, it’s possible to reduce frustration by leading with optimism and staying upbeat. Customers at the check stands want to feel cashiers are listening to them and connecting with them, and merchants want to feel that software providers are listening too. Help everyone involved in the process by:

Offering your merchants the best solution you can get. This means giving them POS systems that are fully updated and fully functional. In this time of transition, don’t hold back innovations.

Encouraging thorough training. Many problems with chip-in-card terminals relate to poor training of cashiers. When they don’t understand how the new terminals work, they’re sure to pass their frustrations along to customers. Encourage making cashiers experts in EMV and chip-and-PIN credit cards.

Staying friendly. By maintaining friendliness and encouraging friendliness at every level, the change will be easier for everyone to take. Slowness at checkout is likely as everyone gets up to speed, but surly checkers and disgruntled customers can be avoided if friendliness and professionalism are maintained and terminals work as well as possible.

Provide Today’s Best EMV Technology

So much of EMV acceptance begins with a good terminal solution. PayVisors is a business consulting company that helps software providers offer their clients the very best terminal solution. We hope you’ll consider the UniPay payment gateway and the UniRead terminal solution with advanced EMV technology built in.

The UniPay commercial open source payment solution has been carefully developed to offer the best solution on the market today for EMV terminals. And don’t your clients deserve the best? Contact us now to learn more about how PayVisors can help you ease the troubled transition to EMV terminals.

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